Weight Reduction

“Diets are the enemy of weight loss! A significant study into diets shows that the vast majority of people who come off a diet end up putting on more weight than before”  Paul McKenna

Have you ever joined a slimming club and dropped a few pounds, only to find it didn’t last and the pounds went back on quicker than they came off, plus a few extra?

How did that make you think and feel about yourself?

Did you then rush out and eat all the foods that had been forbidden on your diet?

Did it also teach to obsess about points, calories, sins, proteins carbs and/or fats?

So you then told your mind to forget about being slimmer…

Until you caught sight of yourself in a mirror or in a photo that you quickly deleted.

Recognising that you needed to lose weight, did you get back on that merry-go-round and try a new diet?

I will teach you how to use your powerful subconscious mind, which will always be far stronger than your willpower is, which is why diets don’t work!

I change how you think about food so that you easily;

  • shed weight and keep it off
  • feel free and in control
  • look slimmer
  • feel healthier and fitter
  • look and feel physically and emotionally more attractive
  • feel confident
  • become fulfilled and far happier than you were on any diet
  • and learn to enjoy food just as nature intended you to