Julie Creffield, London

Donna is an incredible hypnotherapist who had a huge impact on the outcomes for the women on the Too Fat to Run health and happiness retreat. She has a wealth of knowledge across a range of areas connected to this field and was an integral member of the retreat team…simply put we couldn’t have done it without her.

I have been working with Donna for about a year now, the impact she has had on my journey towards health and happiness, and most importantly self love can not be quantified…she has changed my life.

SH, London

I saw Donna in London to lose weight. During her therapy she uncovered buried emotional problems which were making me unhappy and unable to control my eating.

I gained a whole new perspective and a positive view of myself and life. It seemed like Donna opened a window and the sun came in. It was truly wonderful how good it felt. An emotionally abusive relationship lost its power. I now feel able to control my life, stand tall and be myself. Thank you Donna, your therapy transformed my life. I listen to the recording you made for me, which is a lovely calming experience. Until now, I would never have believed it possible to change my life so much for the better

SW, Surrey

Therapy with Donna is like going on a wild adventure with the most experienced tour guide in the world! There are perilous times and moments of sublime relaxation and all the while she is there with her un-ending range of skills to support, guide and deliver you. In one (long) session alone we mounted the summit of a lifetime issue that over 3 years of psychotherapy had never come near.

Donna takes time to really understand who you are and what is the best approach for you rather than applying a one size fits all approach. She is holistic in her delivery and offers practical solutions as well as ‘traditional therapy’

Gentle, fierce, leading and listening – Donna has it all. Thank you.

LG, Bournemouth

I saw Donna for help with my nicotine gum addiction. I was stock piling boxes and worrying I’d run out. In one session she cured me and I haven’t looked back or thought about it since

LC, Poole

After many years of smoking and having (unsuccessfully) tried various ways of quitting, I wound up on Donna’s door-step. It has now been 6 weeks since I have smoked. One session with Donna was all it took. My biggest fear was putting on weight, this hasn’t happened. I believe Donna’s individualistic approach and tailored therapy is the key to success. To anyone who has tried unsuccessfully to quit… don’t give up!!! Call Donna!!!

I will be recommending Donna to all my friends. Thank you Donna for liberating me.

LS, London

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help with my anxiety.

It really was a terrible time for me until I met you, I was very close to giving up and thinking that anxiety was going to be a part of me for life. I am amazed and thrilled that such a simple approach has made such a massive improvement to my day to day life, so thank you!

I probably listened to the recording religiously for about 30 days, morning and evening, and then every so often during the day if I was having a bad moment. Now, I can’t remember the last time I listened to it or felt like I was going to have a panic attack which is fabulous.

DM, Oxford

I was a smoker. I met Donna. I am a non smoker. It was as easy as that. I wasn’t expecting it to work but after the session I had already moved on. The next chapter in my life, as a non smoker.

She offers on-going support as well. A therapist that goes ‘the extra mile’. A lovely lady to boot! I am so glad that I met her.

DW, Bournemouth

I first started seeing Donna after I developed anxiety following a car accident. Working together, we uncovered issues through regression & I have been able to understand myself in ways I never did before. I couldn’t have got through that time without Donna’s help, care & support. She makes me feel as if I can do anything!

JW, Bournemouth

I saw Donna in Poole, initially as I suffered from migraines. She has also helped me to lose 35 lbs with very little effort and to keep it off over the last two years. What I really enjoy about this way of losing weight is that nothing is forbidden. Donna has taught me to think more about what I am eating, only eating when I’m hungry and to enjoy my food more by eating slowly.

When I first started this weight loss programme my son was getting married and I bought a dress two sizes smaller than I used to wear, and with Donna’s help I wore the dress at his wedding, I felt and looked great. I haven’t put the weight back on and I feel more energetic and I love buying SMALLER clothes, it’s a great feeling.

I have tried many diets over the years i.e. slimming world, weight watchers etc. but with very little results which didn’t last long before the weight went back on. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Donna as she is a really lovely, genuine person and makes me feel that she really cares and encourages you in every way she can.

JC, Bournemouth

I went to see Donna for my phobia of flying, which was having a negative impact on my life, as I needed to drink heavily so I had the nerve to board the plane.
I had already experienced hypnosis in the past but that hadn’t been successful, so I was apprehensive.
Donna had a huge part to play in my overcoming this fear, which has resulted in me learning to fly a small plane myself!
I am now able to enjoy going away so much more!
I have recommended friends and family to Donna, as her therapy has given me freedom.

Thanks Donna!

JH, London

Donna was recommended to me by a friend and I wasn’t sure what to expect but seeing Donna was the best thing I have ever done. She was very understanding of my issues, highly professional and most importantly she speaks total sense and has helped give me clarity about why I suffer with my anxiety issues.

I have also come away with a toolkit of exercises and techniques to use in order to cope with difficult situations. Donna is caring and followed up with texts and calls to check in on me and see how I was getting on. After every call or session I came away feeling on top of the world and I could see the world for what it is. I would highly recommend anyone to see Donna with any issues you are struggling with

JM, Poole

A huge thank you in helping kick my horrid smoking habit. It was 1 year on the 6th April 2013 since I first came to you and had my last cigarette. I am so glad to be rid of it. Also I have noticed that having given up several times before I know this time, using hypnotherapy, that I will definitely not be going back to it.

Thank you for all you help and support.

June Hudson, London

Hypnotherapy can instigate a major growth point at any stage in life. I met Donna in my seventies, an experienced actor and role player. I suddenly developed crippling stage fright. Fear of forgetting lines, and in the end, fear of fear itself. I had begun to think my successful career was at an end, when Donna’s hypnotherapy restored my confidence. My fears vanished. It was truly remarkable, a miracle really.

Donna’s serene and charismatic therapy was a revelation of how a whole life can be changed. I am convinced there are no boundaries of what can be achieved in personal development with her help

Elizabeth Cass-Kanti, Rhodes

The expression ‘life changing’ is a term so frequently used these days that it’s lost its enormity.

I have come to terms with my plus size body over the last couple of years through running. I started running to lose weight, but I reached a point where I wanted to lose weight to run. But I am 45 years old and I have been ‘on a diet’ since my teens. Just the thought of another restrictive food regime would see me reaching for a nosebag of crisps and a glass of wine. I imagined that with Donna’s help I would be able to alter my mindset and gain the necessary will power to finally stick to a diet.

That didn’t happen.

What did happen was more far reaching, more liberating and more life changing than a mental ability to ‘diet’. With the tools that Donna has given me I am freed of the shackles of the diet mentality and, without the need for an iron will, I now eat until I am satisfied rather than stuffed, choosing to eat when I am hungry and choosing foods that will nourish my body. I am steadily losing weight with no feelings of deprivation. Meals out are no longer seen as a disruption to my weight loss, I am freed by the knowledge that I won’t over indulge. Food no longer holds me to ransom.

There is no ‘diet’ and there is no fear about life after ‘the diet’.
It’s simply life changing. Enormously so.