Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful and effective way to heal a variety of emotional and physical health issues

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) was developed by Marisa Peer the UK’s top hypnotherapist.

RTT is a revolutionary technique, rapidly getting to the root of your problem and solving it.

With many other therapies, only the symptom is addressed, so the problem often returns.

It’s like cutting back weeds, you treat the symptom and get temporary relief, but until you treat the root, they grow back.

Using regression we go back to the key moments in the past when the mind created a belief that restricts you and no longer serves you.

We rewire those belief patterns to create new, healthier systems of thinking that serve you in the most powerful and profound way.

Changing your thinking changes your behaviour which in turn changes your life

Your mind only responds to two things;

The pictures you create in your mind, and the words you tell it.

Your brain has just one job and that is to keep you alive and guess what…

It doesn’t care if you are happy or not. 

Your brain will simply do what it thinks is in your best interest, which is what you tell it, with the words you say and the pictures you create in your mind.

If you constantly tell yourself;

  •  ‘this job is killing me’
  • ‘I can’t bare this commute to work’
  • ‘I wish I’d never taken on this work project’
  • ‘I hate exercise’
  • ‘I’m just so stupid’

Your brain will simply create powerful images based on these thoughts and assumes you are endangered in some way.

Your brain will do everything in its power to protect you, that’s its one job, because it’s hard wired for survival.

Cue the migraines, upset stomach, skin complaints, the accident, anything to get you to stop doing what you tell your mind you don’t want.

This job is killing me = stress and illness (to prevent you doing the job)

When we work together we change the meaning and the interpretation of your problem, and that changes everything

In Hypnotherapy, we become the detectives of your life, we discover all the clues that led to your unhappiness, and solve the root cause of your physical and emotional issues.

If your mind created a belief your mind can uncreate it